For over a quarter century, AMI has delivered some of the country's most significant and technically challenging projects. AMI has the expertise to develop unique solutions and successfully engage diverse stakeholder groups on complex public works projects to deliver

Pipe Laying

AMI is committed to delivering quality pipeline and civil construction projects in a timely manner whilst meeting budget constraints and providing an environmentally sound and consumer friendly work environment.

AMI is registered with tender board and can lay water pipeline up to 600mm pipe. We have vast experience in laying of DI, HDPE and AC pipes with pressure rating PN10 to PN25.

Some of our projects:

Water Pumping stations, Reservoirs & Tanker Filling Stations

Our experience and exposure in construction of water pumping stations for Oman's Public sector organizations like PAEW and MOD, tanker filling stations (including all MEP works), water reservoirs, elevated towers and water storage compounds for industrial use make us a trusted name in the industry.

Other Construction Works

AMI has expertise in Electrical, Plumbing and Construction works including design, supply, installation, and commissioning of plumbing, water supply systems and networks like pumping systems for various buildings and outdoor systems, storm drainage and irrigation water supply networks and underground water piping works.

Examples of our projects: