ICV Training

AMI ICV Training Plan
ICV is defined as the total spend retained in country that benefits business development, contributes to human capability development and stimulates productivity in Oman's economy. Through implementation of ICV, the aim is to induce economic growth and contribute to sustainable development through promoting human resource development and building/enhancing local capabilities by increased local sourcing of goods and services.

As part of its National responsibility and in line with His Majesty's vision to train the local workforce, AMI started its training for local workforce in various fields which will contribute to AMI's success and help groom the local talent. The first such training started on Operation and Maintenance of Water Pumps for it is Omani staff as part of the ICV Career Development Plan.

The Training started on 7th January and ends 7th March 2018, the targeted groups are the Pump Operators, RO plant Operators and Load Control Operators for a total number of 315 Omani staff in different regions which are Muscat, South Batinah, North Batinah, South Sharqiya, North Sharqiya, Aldakhiliya, Alwusta, Aldhahira.

The main objectives of this course are how to observe the abnormal sounds in the pumps, what are the parameters that they need to report, identification of the pump's components and how to maintain pumps.

In addition, the total number of Omani staff in AMI is 630 and there are 23 course that is planned to be conducted in 2018 for all Omani workforce in all work category.